Lineman Appreciation day is April 18, 2023. All month long, we're honoring brands whose products are Made By Lineman for Lineman.

One of our newest additions to the selection of brands that we represent is Line Work Bucket Products, based in Park City, Kansas. Their mission is focused on three main objectives: safety, efficiency, and productivity. From their big rack tool to their heavy duty tool lanyard, and more, every product brings a unique way of making jobs more efficient.

Their products are designed by experienced lineman and aerial construction workers, taking their first-hand experience to design products that reduce potential hazards. Their products offer simple solutions to complex and competitive work field.


Line Work Heavy Duty Tool Lanyard- 1008


Line Work Bucket 4N1 Tool Organizer 1002


Line Work Bucket Products Big Rack Tool Organizer (Hooks included)- 1007

Shop Line Work Bucket Products in our Made By Lineman for Lineman Collection.

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