After the Industrial Revolution in the 1840’s, America has been on a steady incline of growth. With the introduction of the telegraph and steel bridges/ buildings, the old way that we were doing things with wood and stone became obsolete. The professions of bridgemen, housesmiths, architectural ironworkers and lineman were created in the late 1880’s. Hundreds of men joined the era of the American Frontier and began to build what America is today. 

With the transition of working with new materials- new tools and equipment needed to be manufactured. Companies like Joe’s Reliable Gloves (later known as  Kunz Gloves) established in 1900 and Bashlin Industries established in 1926- these companies paved the way and took the initiative to give these frontiersmen the tools and equipment they needed to make the job just a little safer. Then, in 1936, Joe Matthews joined in to leave his mark on the industry. He picked up a job with Bashlin Industries- produced, invented and implemented more game-changers until he ultimately left in 1946 to open J.L. Matthews Company. 

A lot has changed in almost 200 years of innovation, but the one thing that remains the same are the Original American Made Companies that equipped people to make America. Today, we have partnered with Manufacturers like Kunz, Bashlin, Madi LLC, RudeDog USA and several others to bring you 15% off of select* American Made items to show our appreciation for centuries of growth and dedication for our customers in the industry. 

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