With everyone being in quarantine for what feels like a year already, time has been dragging by! Rest assured, SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! The warm breeze, sun shining and longer days provide ample time to get out there and get moving. Of course, while you’re out there enjoying your new-found freedom, it’s important to keep yourself protected from all the not-so-great things that comes with summer- bugs, sun and heat! Here is a list of our top 3 Summer Essentials to get this season started on the right foot.

Bug Spray and Insect Repellent

Rainbow Technology has been our go-to around the store for all the pesky 6+ legged pests. They have created a solution specifically designed for the Utility Industry with a dielectric strength of up to 48,100 volts! Woah- Not to mention, they have formulas for Arborists AND Ironworkers as well! They have a patented design that is compatible for FR clothing for those days you find yourself working outside. Need something on-the-go? Rainbow has you covered! Their Jungle Formula also comes in a towelette that provides up to 7 HOURS of effective protection against mosquitoes and other small insects. Literally something for anyone!


Snap-Brim and Occunomix have designed the must-haves for sun protection! Snap-Brim created an arc-rated shade that has been tested up to 33 Cal and has a removable neck shade. Not to mention that it is a universal fit that is compatible for any full brim hard hat. Snap-Brim also has a standard sunshade that provides 50+ UPF protection against those harmful summer rays. Need something you can quickly throw in your tool bag? Occunomix offers a collapsible, economic friendly option that folds up into a small 6 in circle. It provides airflow, shade and visibility and can fit most* regular and full brim hard hats.



Cooling Towels/ Bandannas

Our final Summer Essential must-have is MANDATORY, especially in this Texas heat. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a heat casualty! Occunomix makes our list for the second time and for a good reason! Their neck bandannas and towels have a Miracool technology that provides a cooling affect when activated by water. It’s reusable, machine washable AND provides 50+ UPF protection. The evaporating affect lasts for hours! Plus, they have an FR option available ;)


This completes our list of the JLMCO Summer Essentials List ! The best part about it? Use discount code SUMMER to receive 10% off your Summer Essentials purchase.


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