All Gear is a pretty common name around the Arborist Community- I mean, they were pretty innovative when they came up with environmentally conscious materials to minimize the exposure to toxic chemicals and fumes. But did you also know that All Gear also creates products for Utility Lineman, Tower and Arborists as well? Yeah, me neither! 


All Gear offers a variety of gear to make your day easier. I guess that’s how they got their name- It’s literally All the Gear you could need to get the job done! That’s why we chose them to be our focus for the month of March.


For all the Lineman out there- no, I’m not talking football…All Gear has this amazing Handline- called the Handline Pro! It’s a 12 strand Polyester rope that’s light weight and easy to hand splice. All Gear also makes a Transformer Sling out of a 12 strand polyester Husky Rope. It has a coating and a ballistic nylon protective sling to not only protect it from chemicals and sunlight, but also protects the 3 critical wear points against abrasions to extend the life of the sling.


Tower! We all know you’re a different breed- yet All Gear still has you covered! They have a 32 Strand Kernmantle Climbing Line that comes in different colors for clear visibility when you’re up in the air. It is made out of a polyester blend that is tightly woven to resist abrasion. Plus, it’s low stretch and let’s face it, when you’re that high up, you don’t want any kind of excessive stretch when the wind is blowing. To top it all off, All Gear produces a Bull Rope that has a water based Urethane Coating which reduces the amount of wear-n-tear over time. This rope is color coded based off of size so it’s easy to grab and go when on the run.


Calling all Arborists! They got you covered too- Although, I am pretty sure you have already got that by now. A much needed staple when it comes to lowering branches and well, anything thing that you need to rig- is the Multi-Pro Ring Sling. They have a 3 foot protective sleeve to preserve the life and quality. It’s also super easy to set up and rig through the Low Friction Ring compared to blocks and pulleys.


What’s the best part about this blog? Every Handline Rope that was embedded, in fact- ALL  climbing rope (All Gear) on our site has an exclusive offer. With every purchase, you will get a FREE BEAST LEASH. All Gear made these dog leashes out of left – over climbing line. Why not match with your furry friend when you’re out and about?

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