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  • Jelco 551 Series Lineman Belt - 867

SKU: 86785

Brand: Jelco

Type: Lineman Belt

Jelco 551 Series Lineman Belt - 867


$ 590.00

The 4 D-Ring Tradition Belt is made on the same principals of our classic 2 D-Ring Tradition Belt.This belt has the same "broken-in" feel as our 2 D-Ring Tradition belt, but features 4 D-Rings. The placement of the 4 D-Rings is two at the top of the belt, and two at the bottom of the belt, which is the traditional location. The 2 additional D-Rings located at the top provide a place to park your secondary safety. 

The all-leather lineman's belt not only has a leather exterior, but features a padded leather interior as well.
This style 4 D-Ring belt features two belts, at the top and the bottom. The top and bottom belt features the classic tongue buckle.

Product Number: 867__