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  • Bashlin Patriot Positioning Lanyard
  • Bashlin Patriot Positioning Lanyard
  • Bashlin Patriot Positioning Lanyard
  • Bashlin - Patriot - 76PAT, Bashlin - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.


Brand: Bashlin

Type: Climbing Gear

Bashlin Patriot Positioning Lanyard - Ergonomic Climbing Gear - 76PAT

$ 825.00

Patriot Positioning Lanyard

The Patriot Positioning Lanyard is here to free you from the tyranny and restrictions of other WPFRD's. Ideal wood pole fall restricting device for pole workers.
  • It is lightweight, at least 20% lighter than competitive products.
  • Ergonomic design reduces upper body stress.
  • Allows proper body position and leg placement when climbing.
  • Handle placement is where a pole strap would be when hiking a pole.

The Patriot consists of an adjustable outer and inner ropes connected to the line belt with locking carabiners. The Red-White and Blue inner line has a red core for a wear indicator and rugged nylon rings allowing the rope move up and down the pole easier.

The cam adjustor makes managing your distance from the pole easy. The black outer line is neoprene;impregnated for long wear and has a red core for easy inspection. A cam adjustor makes it easy to shorten or lengthen line as needed. The key on the inner rope is attached to the connector by turning the key 90 degrees and inserting it into the slot then allowing it to rotate back to it’s natural position, then sliding it past the latch. The Line is disconnected by simply opening the latch, sliding the key back, turning it 90 degrees and removing it from the slot.

Product Number: 76PAT