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  • OshKosh -  10' Post Hole Digger-Split Handle - 2050-10

SKU: 2050-10

Brand: OshKosh

Type: Post Hole Diggers

OshKosh - 10' Post Hole Digger-Split Handle - 2050-10

$ 171.00

We offer Split Handle and Solid Handle Post Hole Diggers. The blades are made of our special alloy steel. The blades are attached by welding instead of riveting making a durable joint with no rivets to shear off. The fulcrum members are made of heavily constructed, channel-shaped steel – no castings. The diameter of the circle circumscribed by the digger blades is approximately 6 inches. Two bolts hold each handle to the digger head making them easy to replace when necessary.

The Split handles are used with a front to back motion. The Solid handles start out together and are pulled apart when using.

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