Picture this, its winter and you have this huge felling job- and perfect timing too because the tree is dormant. The wind is biting and your nose is turning red. That doesn’t matter now because you’re half way done and all you can think about is that glass of whiskey you’re going to have once the job is complete. That’ll warm you up, surely. Your chain starts to skip, it makes a weird noise and just like that, it stops working. You try to clean out to snow just in case it was overheating. You tweak a couple of things just in case. And nothing- you’ll have to come back tomorrow once you figure out what’s going on because it’s a safety hazard to leave it like that. Which means, yet another day in the cold… Yikes!




One more scenario for you- it’s a beautiful spring day. Winter has recently passed so there is still a cool breeze under the warm rays. Today is the perfect day to do some lawn work. You go into the garage, bust out a trimmer, a brush cutter and the saw you bought last summer. You lube up the chains, make sure the batteries are charged and just as you go to start ‘er up- you hear a sound that definitely isn’t normal. So you try a couple more times and still- there’s that sounds again! Now, you’re spending this glorious day trying to repair your tool or you spend it inside because you take it in to get worked on.




What if I told you there was a way to minimize these disruptions AND save you time, money and frustration? Well, YOU’RE IN LUCK!


You see, the secret it to get your tune up before the season actually begins! The best time to service your saw, trimmer, blower and all of your other favorite tools is between the months of January- March and September- October. Doing it outside of this time frame puts you at risk of parts being on back order, service facilities being backlogged and so many other inconveniences. And not doing it at all is a good recipe for expensive repairs or worse… a complete replacement. It’s basically a critical situation if you don’t get that much needed tune-up.




We here at J.L. Matthews Co. want to get you back on the road, in the tree or on your lawn as fast as you can spell h-u-s-q-v-a-r-n-a. That’s why we have brought tool repair in-house! Not only does this cut the cost for you BUT it also minimizes downtime. Plus! If you have bought your tools from us in the past, you now get PRIORITY over the people that bought from the big box stores at NO ADDITIONAL COST.




Just a little way to show our appreciation for supporting our family business.



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