We want you to get to know our staff, the people behind J.L. Matthews who diligently serve our customers and make our workplace an overall fun place to be.

Meet Jeff Chastain who is part of our Store Sales team! πŸ‘‹

Q: What's your favorite part you play here at J.L. Matthews?
A: I love our customers. I really like building those relationships and seeing them when they come in. I like having the opportunity to provide them what they are looking for. I also love working for a family business. I have taken the position that because I work for a family-owned business, I am part of the family and my successes and failures matter. I also feel like my input matters.

Q: How long have you worked at J.L. Matthews?
A: 1 year

Q: Best memories at JLMCO?
A: I loved making arrangements for Jason Atwood to come out and show us the ropes for arborists and discuss how he uses his equipment. I also had the opportunity to go up the tree and it gave me a better understanding of what I'm selling.

Q: What did you do before joining JLMCO?
A: I worked from home as a network partner coordinator for Assemblers Inc. where I coordinated efforts with contractors to get projects completed for the company.

Q: Do you have any hobbies or interests?
A: I play guitar, cycle, and am learning how to golf. I love skeet shooting and sport shooting, but not hunting. I like playing pool and going out to the driving range. When I have the opportunity, I enjoy sitting around with friends for a cigar and a good glass of whiskey.

I moved back to Texas from Chattanooga a year and a half ago to be closer to my family in their "golden years." My Dad lives in Bowie, and my Mom and Grandmom live in Rowlett. I also have a brother that lives in Garland. I have two sons that live with me.

Q: Favorite sport to watch or play?
A: Ohio football!

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