Curtis Bradley is inspiring future generations of linemen across Mississippi through his work as a Lineman Instructor at East Central Community College’s (ECCC) Weekend Lineman program. In a series of blog posts, you’ll meet three graduates from this program: Jimmy Brown, Ethan Reece, and Manning Willis. First up, Jimmy Brown, a graduate of the Spring 2022 program shares his experience with J.L. Matthews.

Q: What made you choose the line program you completed?

Jimmy: “I was looking for a change in my life. I was working a job that provided for me financially but I was still missing something. I had a need to help people while remaining active and pushing my own limits. I knew about lineman work from a couple of family members who were in the industry so I decided to give it a shot.”

Jimmy Brown climbing a utility pole

Q: Why did you choose this career over other opportunities?

Jimmy: “I choose this career because of how rewarding it is. As a lineman, you are helping people in a totally different way. In our society, everyone relies on power to provide comfort and protection and lineman are the ones who keep that power flowing.”

Q: What advice can you offer to others who are interested in getting started in the electrical utility industry?

Jimmy: “My advice is to understand that this is a career not just a job so make sure you understand that. This industry changes lives and will change your own lifestyle. It’s a bit dangerous but it’s extremely rewarding. I suggest you find a solid lineman program, study hard, complete it and start moving forward in the industry.”

Jimmy Brown, lineman program student, is presenting in front of the classroom.

Q: After completing the program, what was the recruitment process like?

Jimmy: “My instructor, Mr. Curtis Bradley, was essential in helping myself and my peers in the full process. We were trained on the proper preparation of resumes and the presentation of all the skills we learned in the program. As Mr. Bradley coached us, he also made suggestions and guided us toward companies that would be interested in our skills. Due to this help from him and our own persistence, several of my peers including myself had been fully hired before we graduated from the lineman program.”


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