Family is at the core of who we are as a company, and it is something that we share in common with Elk River and JELCO, one of 125+ manufacturers that J.L. Matthews has the honor of working with.

In this Fireside Chat, Danny Matthews, President of J.L. Matthews speaks with Kat Clemmons Lea, Co-owner and VP of Sales at Elk River and JELCO. 

Watch the video interview.

Fireside Chat with Danny Matthews and Kat Clemmons Lea, Co-owner and VP of Sales, Elk River and JELCO
Danny: So, tell us about the Elk River and JELCO and how they came together?
Kat: Elk River was founded in 1988 by my parents Phillip and Pat Clemons and my Uncle Terry. They started the business with 12 line items in the construction industrial market. The business grew to expand to further verticals for fall protection. In 1997, they had the opportunity to buy J.E. Lortie Co. (JELCO).

The companies operated as sister companies until 2005, they were split. As of September 2020, they became sister companies again when my brother and I had the opportunity to buy Elk River back.

Danny: Very good. That's exciting. Back in the family.

Kat: Yes, we're very excited to have it back in the family.

Danny: And JELCO has been around since 1892.

Kat: JELCO has been around since 1892 and has been making lineman's equipment almost the whole time.  

Danny: And a lot of your products are made in the United States.

Kat: Yes, we have four manufacturing locations. We have a factory in Montreal, Canada and three locations in Colma, Alabama.

Danny: We love JELCO and Elk River and they make wonderful products.  What's your website address?

Kat: or

Danny: There you go. Check that out or go to Take care and be safe out there. 


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