J.L. Matthews understands the importance in maintaining strong relationships with brands, as it leads to increased value for our customers. At J.L. Matthews we aren’t just a distributor for lineman products, we work closely with our manufacturers so that we can showcase their products with knowledge and expertise. In doing so, we can better support our customers in choosing the right product that will best meet their needs and help to get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible.

That is why we have chosen Lowell Corporation to be our Featured Partner. Lowell Corporation understands that in many manual jobs, and machine operation, there are turning points between inefficiency and efficiency. Lowell Corporation’s ratchet technology has made workers and equipment more productive for over 150 years.

Like us, Lowell Corporation comes from a rich company history. Founded in 1869 in Worcester, Massachusetts, Lowell is a 5th generation family-owned business. J.L. Matthews was founded in 1946 in Fort Worth, Texas and is owned and operated by the 4th generation of Matthews family. We are honored to say that we support small family-owned businesses like Lowell that take pride in producing only the highest quality, 100% Made in the USA, products. Another similarity Lowell Corporations shares with J.L. Matthews is that Lowell encourages women in leadership. For decades, Lowell Corporation has welcomed women into upper management with a focus on developing their careers in the manufacturing industry.

Partnering with Lowell Corporation has helped J.L. Matthews to expand on our strategic focus of offering an array of lineman products to the professionals that keep our country up and running. It is always our goal to support small businesses, especially ones that are based in the USA and maintain a track record of providing high quality products to our customers. Check out our collection of Lowell tools today: https://jlmatthews.com/collections/lowell


At J.L. Matthews, we are a family-owned business since 1946 and are your one-stop shop for linemen, ironworkers, and arborists.

J.L. Matthews has over 2,000 products from top brands like RudeDog USABashlinHastings, and more. We provide free shipping to first time customers who spend over $75. 

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