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Brand: Slingco America Inc,

Type: Reel Thing

Slingco America Inc, Reel Thing - RT40

$ 560.00 $ 395.00

Reel Thing RT-40 4500lbs

The Reel Thing® is the tool that lets one man lift, stack, and spin heavy spools for payout operations. It's easy to use and affordable, saving you time and money. The Reel Thing® gives you more lift. With higher load ratings, stamped right on the tool, you can use this cable reel lifting device for greater range of reel weights. The RT40 allow you to safely flip a reel from rolling to non-rolling position. Independent laboratory tested with ASME code stamped right on the toggle bar gives you the assurance of safe operation. With this cable reel lifting device, laying underground cable is a snap. Simply suspend the reel over a trench and go.

  • Arbor Hole Diameter: 3" – 6"
  • Capacity : 4500lbs

Product Number: RT40

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