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  • JLMCO - Man Non Foam Basket Cover - 50-105

SKU: 50-105

Brand: J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.

Type: Man Non Foam Basket Cover

JLMCO - Man Non Foam Basket Cover - 50-105

$ 60.00

BUZZLINE® BUCKET COVERS are designed to fit a wide variety of bucket sizes and shapes. All bucket covers are made of heavy-weight vinyl coated nylon. Heavy-weight vinyl nylon is waterproof, oil, gas and tear-resistant and designed to reduce wind whip. All bucket covers have an elastic shock cord sewn into the hem. The BUZZLINE® Bucket Covers are also offered with Foam between two layers of heavy-weight vinyl that has been heat-sealed. This creates a dome effect over the bucket to allow maximum water run-off. All covers are offered with a choice of 4 lanyards with swivel snap to further secure the cover.


Single Man Non-Foam Bucket Cover, Bucket Cover Black Vinyl, w/Lanyard, 24" x 30"

Product Number: 50-105