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  • Lewis Manufacturing Fiber Grip - SE-LK-SW-1/4-3/4

SKU: SE-LK-SW-1/4-3/4

Brand: Lewis Manufacturing

Type: Fiber Grips

Lewis Manufacturing Fiber Grip - SE-LK-SW-1/4-3/4

$ 53.90

Ouchless Kevlar Pulling Grip - Mesh Grip Ouchless 1,200 lb work load. The Aramid fiber strand can be used in essentially all grip configurations. However when used around coastal areas or in corrosive environments the Stainless Steel option is still superior. Always remember when using a pulling grip made of Aramid strand or metal wire to tape the bare end of the cable that will be inserted into the grip. This will eliminate a sharp edge exposure and prolong the life of your grip.

Product Number: SE-LK-SW-1/4-3/4