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  • Salisbury - 2/0 Ferrule - 7600011CT42 - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.

SKU: 210ST

Brand: Salisbury

Type: Salisbury 2/0 Ferrule

Salisbury 2/0 Ferrule - 210ST

$ 50.00

For Threaded Ferrules (Terminals) the recommended torque applied during installation of jam nut for threaded ferrules is 20 ft.-lb. These threaded ferrules include one brass jam nut and one lock washer. Stud Size: 5/8-11.Threaded Copper


Conductor Size: 2/0

Body Die Codes: T&B 66

Shroud Die Codes: B75-AH

Length Stripped inches: 2

Product Number- 210ST