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  • ISC - Rope Wrench Single Tether Kit - RP280ST

SKU: RP280A1-8351ST2

Brand: ISC

Type: Rope Wrenches

ISC - Rope Wrench Single Tether Kit - RP280ST

$ 134.95

Product information:

This kit (combination of ISC Rope Wrench and ISC Tether) is CE Approved (and marked) to EN 12278, with an MBS of 24kN (5395lbf).  The CE Certification and MBS rating apply only to Rope Wrenches which are supplied and used with our Approved Tether.

If you are purchasing the Rope Wrench for a non EU Market and are not governed by CE Legislation, you can still purchase the Rope Wrench as a single unit, without the Tether (see product coed RP280).  In cases where the RP280 Rope Wrench is sold without a Tether, the Rope Wrenches will not meet the CE criteria and will not be CE Marked.  

Product No: RP280ST