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  • Petzl - Volt Wind LT Harness - C72WFA-SIZE


Brand: Petzl

Type: Harness

Petzl - Volt Wind LT Harness - C72WFA-SIZE

$ 360.00

Fall arrest and work positioning harness for the wind power industry

The fall arrest and work positioning VOLT WIND LT harness that is very easily donned thanks to its EASYFIT design: a vest ensures the harness keeps its shape and the FAST automatic buckles on the waistbelt and leg loops allow the harness to be donned with both feet on the ground. The VOLT WIND LT harness' anatomical design and wide, semi-rigid waistbelt ensure comfort throughout the workday. It has wear protectors on the waistbelt and below the dorsal point to limit wear when moving about inside the wind turbine tower. VOLT WIND LT is certified to U.S. and European standards.