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  • Jameson - Tree Pruning Kit  - FG-6PKG-2


Brand: Jameson, LLC

Type: Tree Pruning Kit

Jameson - Tree Pruning Kit - FG-6PKG-2

$ 228.00

JA-14DP Heavy-Duty Pruner - With forged steel components for added strength, Jameson’s heavy duty pruner was designed for the professional arborist. An enhanced spring and recessed hook edge offer smooth cutting action and eliminates frictional drag. 1.25” side cut. Includes Pole Adapter.

Hand Saw with 13" Barracuda™ Tri-Cut Saw Blade - Jameson’s Barracuda™ Tri-Cut Saw Blade is hard-chrome plated with impulse hardened teeth. The tri-cut provides a quicker, cleaner cut with less wear on the blade than traditional single edge blades.

Heavy-Duty Pole Saw Head and Saw Blade - Rust-resistant, lightweight aluminum pole saw head features a low profile design to maneuver easily in dense foliage. includes Jameson’s Barracuda™ Tri-Cut Saw Blade.

FG Series  Poles - Jameson’s original pole is the highest quality fiberglass pole available. Package contains 6’ Extension Pole with male and female ferrules.

Wire and Limb Raiser - Conveniently pulls or lifts branches away from lines. Snaps into Jameson pole without an adapter.

Product Number: FG-6PKG-2