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  • Bierer Meters - Digital Voltage & Proximity Detector - VD1000P, Bierer Meters - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.

SKU: VD1000P

Brand: Bierer & Assoc.

Type: Voltage Tester

Bierer & Assoc. Meters Digital Voltage & Proximity Detector - VD1000P

$ 1,200.00

 1kV - 999kV Digital Voltage Detector with Proximity test, hook probe, straight probe, universal grip-all adapter, manual & case.

The VD1000P is a direct contact, capacitive type voltage detector for us on voltages from proximity to 99.9kV on distributions circuits and 999kV on Transmission conductors.  The VD1000 indicates Line-to-Ground values.

VD1000P series 5-Position Switch
  • Off
  • P - Non-Contact (Proximity)
  • URD - Direct Contact, Underground Primary
  • OH - Direct Contact, Overhead Lines
  • OHT - Direct Contact, Substation & Transmission Lines

Product No: VD1000P