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Lineman Tools and Gear

  • Lineman Tools and Gear

    A lineman is a tradesman who constructs and maintains electric power transmission, telecommunications lines (cable, internet and phone) and distribution lines.

    Here is a collection of all lineman tools that they use on a regular basis to keep lights on in the houses across the country. 

    Linemans uses a wide range of tools including D Ring Extension, Climbing Harness, lanyard tool tether, Anchor, Tool Bags, Tool Belts, Bolt Cutters, Lineman Boots, Tool Bucket, Bullpin Holder, Carabiners, Climbing Gear, Cushion Grips, First Aid Kit, Flashlights, FR Clothing, FR Hat Liner, FR/ARC Flash Kit Clothing, Glasses, Saafety Gloves, Hard Hats, Hat Liner, Holsters, Hooks, Impact Sockets, Lanyard tool tether, Lanyards, Nylon Slings, Replacement Suspension, Rescue Kit, Retractable Lanyard, Safety Vest, Skull Guard, Sleever BAR, Speed Bolt, Sun Shield, Sweat Band, tool tether kit etc.