SL-BND: 6 Ton Streamline Compression Tool


  • $ 2,205.00

SL-BND: 6 Ton Streamline Compression Tool 

The SL-BND was developed after listening to feedback from of our customers for a more robust, higher-quality, streamline tool. This new tool platform is the culmination of almost three years of research and development and will stand up to the most demanding tasks that linemen face every day.

The SL-BND has a choice of 11 jaw types, including six compression heads, the SLXPJ-JAW, SLXMJ-JAW, SLK-JAW, SLND3-JAW, SLO-JAW, or SLBG-JAW. For cutting, switch to the SLGW-JAW, SLCUT-JAW, SL-CHCUAL, or SL-CHACSR, and for bending, use the SLCB-JAW. Quickly change between head types with the pull-pin design.

No need for another battery system, as this tool operates on the same 14.4-volt battery used in all of the battery operated tools. The SL-BND Streamline tool not only carries a 5-year warranty on the tool but on the battery and charger as well.