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  • Aamstrand  - 3/4" Poly-Dac Rope - 14200, Aamstrand - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.

SKU: 14200-1

Brand: Aamstrand

Type: Rope

Aamstrand 3/4" 3 Strand Poly-Dac Rope - 14200


$ 0.65

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This rope combines a polyester cover wrapped around a polypropylene core for considerably less stretch and longer wear. This design combines the durability and high abrasion resistance of polyester with the light weight of polypropylene. This rope also floats. It handles like a natural fiber rope, yet has the stretch and flexibility of synthetics. This rope is resistant to degradation from ultraviolet light.

Available by the foot or 600' Reel

Diameter: 3/4" or 19mm

Working Load: 700-1,680 LBS


Product Number: 14200