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  • Bierer Meters - Analog Voltage & Proximity Detector - VDA040P, Bierer Meters - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.


Brand: Bierer Meters

Type: Voltage Tester

Bierer Meters - Analog Voltage & Proximity Detector - VDAO40P

$ 950.00

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 0 - 40kV Analog Voltage Detector with Proximity test, hook probe, straight probe, universal grip-all adapter, manual & case.

This Dual Application Analog Voltage Detector, detects 0-40kV line to ground (0-69kV Phase to Phase) with and Easy to rad Analog Scale.  Detect Voltage from the ground on bare overhead lines when hand held.

VDA040P series 5-Position Switch is calibrated for height above ground to compensate for a capacitive coupling effect.
Product No: VDAO40P