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  • Bierer Meters - Voltage Detector - VDAH300, Bierer Meters - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.


Brand: Bierer & Assoc.

Type: Voltage Tester

Bierer & Assoc. Meters Voltage Detector - VDAH300

$ 1,050.00

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 2.4kV-300kV Analog Voltage Detector with backlight and hold feature, hook probe, straight probe, universal grip-all adapter, manual & case.


  • 2.4kV - 300kV Line to Ground (4kv-500kV phase to phase) Voltage Range
  • For Overhead & URD Applications
  • Meter is Passive, Battery is only required for the Tet Position
  • A Linear/Logarithmic Scale for better resolution from T & D Systems
  • Meter is designed to read Approximate Nominal or Induced Voltage
  • Easy to use detector requires not voltage scale selectors or multipliers
  • Meter is Water Resistant and a Strong Construction
  • Meter is Contained in a Durable Padded Case.

Product No: VDAH300