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  • Bashlin - Cushion Wrap Velcro Pad, aluminum -  145BCVW, Bashlin - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.


Brand: Bashlin

Type: Pads

Bashlin Cushion Wrap Wide Velcro Pad - 145CVW


$ 240.00

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Constructed from leather w/ a thick felt pad for durability & comfort.
The convenience of hook n' loop, control of the 105 series, & comfort of the 145 series.

No additional straps required.
Sold in pairs.

 145A pairs with BD16B Series and BD12 Series Climbers

145B pairs with BD14 Climbers

145F pairs with BD14B Climbers


***If you are unsure of which climbers you have, please contact us to ensure a proper fit.***


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